About Us

2017 Leopard 40 

Captain David:

I worked in the corporate world for 25+ years, but I started to get burned out and was ready for something new. I have always enjoyed being on the water, and when an opportunity came up to start doing boat charters with my daughter it was an easy decision. In 2020 at the start of the pandemic I sold my company and purchased our first sailboat. After buying the boat I figured we better learn how to sail, so Emma and I went to Captains school and received our captains license.

Please join me and Emma aboard Second Wind, and experience the fun of sailing.

Captain Emma:

Every since I was a baby my dad (aka Captain David) has always had me and my siblings on the water, so now that I am 21 and have these amazing oppurtinities to teach others how to sail and enjoy the water like we do there isnt anything I would rather do.

Deckhand Deadpool:

Ever since Emma and Dave strapped me to the mast I've been forced to help with sails, scrub the deck, and keep the birds away. But I did not know, I kind of like being a pirate.